Kittens Game Progress Jan 20


Preface, all the links are to the Kittens game wiki. This post probably won't make any sense to someone who doesn't play the game.

I've kind of plateaued with how many kittens I've got, occassionally I'm able to afford more Log Houses or Mansions, but I can't really justify buying Space Stations since they draw too much power that I need for generating Antimatter.

I bought some AI Cores without realizing what they do, and I'm still far, far away from being able to do anything with them. Lucky that AI progress is logarithmic because wowee AI Apocalypse.

I thought I'd need to trade with Leviathans to get Relics, but it turns out you can get them by refining Time Crystals, which is slow as hell but faster than hoping Leviathans show up. Odds are still very very slim, and Black Pyramids and Markers are expensive.

I need to build way more factories, but they also draw power. But. 15 Factories can be powered by one space structure for Antimatter. Of course, it's 2 of those structures to power 1 storage facility for Antimatter so lmao

Anyway that's where I'm at… I've reset a few times, I'm less than 2000 in-game years in (total lmao). I've never gotten this far, but the phone app makes it easier to waste my time than the desktop version.

The worst clicker game because I don't get bored of it.